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MAKS range of Fillers consist of both semi & automatic models that can weigh, measure or count the required quantity of product and dispense it to the customer's requirement. Primarily, MAKS fillers are classified into models suitable for Dry Products such as powders & granules (masalas, powdered spices, pepper-corn, pellets, rice etc.) and Liquids such as beverages, oils, medicated liquids etc.


MAKS range bottle capping machines can work with a wide variety of applications and production volumes. Our automatic capping machines can efficiently tighten container caps for a smoother production line. We understand the customer need for an efficient capping machine to make sure the product is as secure as possible.


MAKS labeling systems are Automatic Models that can print, apply & dispense a wide variety of labels to various types of containers. Our labeling machines are classified into two - Models suitable for Self Adhesive Labels & Models suitable for Shrink Sleeve Labels. MAKS labeling systems can be used as stand alone automatic machines as well as integrated into an automated packing line.

Automatic Tray or Cup Sealer

Automatic Tray & Cup Sealers are rotary or linear machines designed for applying plastic or metallic film to the open mouth of cups or trays with heat seal to create a sealed pack. These machines are also available with Thermoforming of the trays or cups as well as filling heads to feed the product before sealing.